Protection contre les surtensions pour caméra LAN et IP, PTF-1-PRO/PoE

Protection contre les surtensions pour caméras LAN et IP, conçue pour les solutions Ethernet 100Base-T et CCTV, fabricant, PTF-1-PRO / PoE

Product discontinued - has been replaced by PTF-51-PRO/PoE


PTF-1-PRO/PoE is economic protection for IP CCTV cameras. It protects from effects of surge and lightning and vandalism (effect of stun guns). It may be using in systems of local LAN network to protection of overhead lines between buildings, to protects connections between switches for cable of 6 category. The device has individually protection of each transmission pair, where after crossing voltage above 90V, followed short circuit its to ground. 4, 5 and 7, 8 cables are connected together, to increase current flowing for a PoE standard (Power over Ethernet). By using innovative components PTF-1-PRO/PoE Protection has very low capacity and high reaction speed, which have negligible effect on high-frequency signals transmitted, very short reaction time and ability to multiple response.

Built-in automatic fuses protects PoE power supply from damage, in event of short circuit at power supply of receiving device. Also built-in LEDs, signaling presence of power supply entering and exiting from PTF-1 protection.

Construction of circuit is completely shielded from bottom and from top, which provides high immunity to electromagnetic interference and continuity of screen between input and output. Screen has independent circuit protection, so that it is not permanently connections with ground. This is important for risk of potential differences and appearing of parasitic signals.

Construction was constructed very carefull in terms of PCB placement, to protect from appearing crosstalk between channels and introducing of delays between cores. The device can be using in LAN network of 6 category.

For correct operation is needed connecting a ground cable. For this purpose should be used a probe embedded into the ground, which is located as close as possible of surge protection. In any case, do not connect to protection cable of electrical installations or to existing installation of lightning.


zabezpieczenie przeciwprzepięciowe do kamer IP
Simplified block diagram

Because discharge may occur on either side, a road transmitted by load can take a long time. To increase effectiveness of protection is recommended to use surge protections at both ends of cable.

Zabezpieczenie przepięciowe PTF-1-PRO/PoE

Example of protection one LAN connection

Jak zabezpieczyć sieć LAN przez wyładowaniami

Example of protection 16-point one LAN network

Data protection
LAN channels 1
Category 100Base-T(100Mbit) network,
using 5/5e/6 category twisted-pair
Input connector (LINE) Male RJ-45, shielded
Output connector (DEVICE) Male RJ-45, shielded
Related Voltage DC (wire-ground) UN 90V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (wire-ground) UC 110V DC
Threshold voltage 1kV/μs (wire-ground) UP 600V
Protection level C1 (8/20µS, wire-ground ) Iimp 100A (300 times)
Protection level C2 (8/20µS, wire-ground ) Iimp 2-4kA (10 times)
Related Voltage DC (shield-wire) UN 350V DC
Protection level C2 (8/20µS, shield-ground) Iimp 10kA (10 times)
Related Voltage DC (wire-wire) UN 6V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (wire-wire) UC 6,8V DC
Threshold voltage 1kV/μs (wire-wire) UP C3 20V
protection level C1 (8/20µS, wire-wire) Iimp 100A
Protected pairs 1-2, 3-6, (4+5)-(7+8)
Capacity (wire-wire) @1MHz 7-9pF
Capacity (wire-ground) @1MHz 1pF
Decoupling component Surge resistor
Serial Resistance 2,2Ω / line
Nominal current IN 300mA / line
PoE protection
Related Voltage DC (wire-wire) UN 58V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage (wire-wire) UC 64V DC
Threshold voltage (10/1000µS ,wire-wire) UP C3 93V
Protection level (10/1000µS, wire-wire) Iimp C3 6,4A
PoE standard IEEE 802.3af, B-type
Dimensions 65 x 30 x 40 (mm)
Application Indoor / outdoor with additional IP66 housing
Mount Standalone / Wall mount
Tightness IP54
Operating temperature -30ºC~60ºC